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umstances of that even▓ing should have faded out of ●his memory.The circumstances were so peculia▓r that Lyon could not help feeling it was fortun▓ate tha

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t he, and not some police● officer for instance, had received th●e old gentleman's confidences. CHAPTER ▓V Lyon went straight to the jail to report to L●awrence.H

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e had little difficulty in securing● admittance, for the sheriff was suffic▓iently pliable and Lawrence sufficie▓ntly important to permit a so●ftening of the rigors of prison dis

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cipline i●n his case.His arrest might, indeed,● be considered merely a detenti●on on

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坋asant chat, he said. He had s

suspicion until the Gra▓nd Jury had formally indicted him,● and the sheriff had evidently considered ▓that his duty was filled by ensuring h●is safety, without undue severit?/p>

uf●ficient confidence in Miss Wolcott's

坹.The room was guarded without ●and barred within, but in itself▓ it



was more an austerely furni●shed bedroom than a cell, and Lawrence▓ had more the air of a host receiving his gue▓sts than a prisoner.That, however,▓ was Lawrence's way.It would have taken▓ more than a stone wall and a locked d▓oor t

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